Fiscal Year: January 1 – December 31 
Director Term of Office: Three Year, recurring
Quarterly Meetings: Last Wednesday of January
First Wednesday of May (adjusting for testing)
Last Wednesday of July
Last Wednesday of October
Fund Raising Events: Employee Campaign – August
Fund Raising Dinner – February
Others as scheduled
January Meeting: Nomination / Election of Officers (every other year)
May Meeting: Approve Mini/Research Grant Programs
Approve Endowed Scholarship Program
Annual Review of Strategic Plan
Annual Report of 990 Filing
July Meeting: Approve Mini/Research Grant Awards
Approve Endowed Scholarship Awards
October Meeting: Establish Office Nominations Committee
Propose / Adopt Annual Budget

Everman ISD Education Foundation
608 Townley Drive
Everman, Texas 76140
817-568-3508 (Fax)
Curtis Amos, Superintendent